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Minting your multiple edition piece..

OneOnes is a collection of 6565 companions that will transport you to the hidden Magical World created by Migratinglines.The OneOnes is an NFT project built on storytelling and interaction. They will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain as a unique, non-fungible token (NFT). This project is born by merging the 1/1 art world and the pfp collectible world. (More info here)

Artist Led Project

Migrating Lines has been creating the Magical World in the space for more than a year through his 1/1 art on SuperRare and Foundation. His work merges storytelling, animation, gaming and interaction.
He has works currently exhibited in Milan, in the Museo della Permanente alongside Banksy, Frederico Clapis and others.

During his NFT journey he made a lot of friends, from collectors, to artists, to developers. It was important for ML to partner with people that are experienced and have been active in the space for a long time. For the dev. side of the project, ML teamed up with Fccview and FrankNFT who are two doxxed professionals. Through their passion and expertise, they helped make this project and website come to life! For more info about the amazing team click here!